Teachers must Care; Students must Attend

That is, mentors must be engaged with mentoring people, seeing the student as an Existenz, with all of the possibility that this entails. And learners must attend, being fully now/here wherever they are, focused on this happening with the mentor. It must be a loving struggle for elucidation of each other, or else it will merely fall back into dominating structures and explanatory pretenses.

…If you’re a faculty member, coach, or student affairs staff member — or any adult working on a campus, for that matter — you can work harder in myriad ways to show students that you care about them as people. You can mentor students and ask them about their hopes and dreams, and you can create opportunities for long-term projects and real-life work opportunities.

…For students, here’s the bottom line: We found that it really doesn’t matter what type of college you go to — whether it’s public or private, large or small, very selective or not selective. The type of institution has little to no bearing on your long-term life well-being and engagement at work. But how you go to college makes all the difference to your future. Finding a college that provides you with support and experiential and deep learning should be your top goal.

via Higher Education’s Six Sigma.

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