63 Texas Republicans Sign Document Saying Marriage Equality Leads To Incest, Pedophilia And Polygamy

The Texas Republican party once again proved that it is living in a previous century, when over 60 of its members got together to sign a legal brief which states that same-sex marriage opens the do…

Source: www.addictinginfo.org

In states that have already legalized same-sex marriage, we haven’t seen the crumbling of social order that conservatives insists will happen. Far from destroying the family unit and ruining the country, same-sex couples behave a lot like every other couple: They marry, they have families, some they get divorced, others spend their lives together. In fact, there is even some cutting-edge research which suggests that gay couples raise healthier kids than straight couples on average. Whether you subscribe to that theory or not is beside the point, in every example we have (in the United States and abroad), gay marriage has been fine. Conservatives in same-sex legal states may not like it on an ideological level, but I bet they would have a hard time coming up with an example of how their lives have changed in any tangible way since it happened.

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