The LGBTQ Christian

As many rightly can assume, I am an existential philosopher whose religious notions lean more toward the Dào these days.

However, I do live in Texas, USA, and many of my good brothers and sisters still walk their path as Christians. I would never counsel these folks to abandon their faith. As a philosopher who engages in the Loving Struggle with my fellows, it is not my place to encourage them to leave behind what they believe but to ask them to examine it more thoroughly and thoughtfully.

As a way of helping out my LGBTQ brothers and sisters who are struggling to comprehend what Christian dogma teaches and what can be interpreted, I offer some resources.

Matthew Vines is an author and scholar who started the Reformation Project.

Vicky Beeching is studying theology and has begun blogging about her studies of the Bible.

Here are a couple of videos that I recommend watching as well.


  1. Stephanie and I are currently reading through Matthew Vines’s book “God and the Gay Christian.” Her and I have had many interesting discussions over the last few weeks. We both appreciate his humble and approachable tone. We miss you, and we hope to talk to you soon!

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