Policing for Wealth

For Bratton to cite changes in gentrified Williamsburg and Fort Greene as justification for a focus on minor crimes means the strategy is about something other than the reduction of crime: Its about the reduction of the perception of crime. But the perception that really matters is the one harbored by developers, investors and other members of the capitalist class who can “come and build” for future residents who, in broken windows parlance, are “more orderly” – whether or not these residents commit offenses outside the purview of the broken windows conception of “disorder.” And as the record indicates, and as previous investigations have revealed, “orderly” is often a proxy for whiteness.Thus, broken windows isnt about making a dangerous neighborhood safer for those who live there so much as it is about using police power to scythe the way forward for the gentrification process. We witness the broken windows-gentrification duality not only in New York, but also in other places across the country, evidencing that one seems to always accompany the other.

via Policing for Wealth.


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