Socratic Love

People say love is complicated.
But just because something is profound
that does not mean it’s complex.

Love is simple – it makes a path for something else.
     The next moment – next relationship – next possibility
Love is simple – it reforms how we can become
     Off course – off put – off-center
Love is simple – it opens us up t0
     New life – new ideas – new hope
     This process–not multiplying obsession–but subtractive attention.
This way–not luxurious appetite–but necessary affection.
     This love–not productive busyness–but effortless creativity.
Gone the embroidered robes that drape the flesh.
     Gone the ornate shoes that bind the feet.
Gone the exotic scents that hide our breathing together…
This Cosmic Pharmakon:
     charming the heart while purging the soul.
                Intoxicated liberation…
          Modest truth…
                Emptying out…

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