Out-of-Order with God

The ordinary, everyday stuff where the Enduring flows as our duration…

Things that one does: getting up, brushing your teeth, making breakfast, or even more particularly yawning – blinking – scratching… What we do in every moment of the ordinary day that gives meaning to the term like extra-ordinary: out-of-order

Sitting in the wineshop reading books, I look across at my beloved who also is studying. He drinks the last of the summer Shandy in November… I have a San Pellegrino.

Classical music in the background. This morning I got up and I went to do light therapy followed by a brief stint at the gym. After I made breakfast I went and got quarters for the coffee shop.

In between these moments, I reflected, in between these I reached out in prayer and contemplation…

in between these I made sense of life and remembered lonely friends, made loving prayers for solitary mother and spoke eulogies to the muses for passed away father – brother – mentor.

Outside of Drug Emporium, God tried to sell me his cell phone and his large brown eyes cast on to me expecting nothing much. This Stranger on the road beneath a halo of angels, wanting to leave Denton, his mother and her abusive boyfriend… On the road back to Corpus Christi his phone turned off and jobless.

There was listening to a story and there was not caring if it was “true” The Sacred Truth was the communication. Here the One spoke to the One… Then, a turkey sandwich, a root beer, some money.  No trade, no charity, no exchange of “mine” for “his”: only passing along things now/here from where they patiently were waiting to be picked up.

I hugged God outside the Kroger and went back into the store…

Now writing. Words putting things into an order. Standing up walking around the downtown square and getting ready for early dinner.

The Sacred Way flows up into my body… Rain rain rain, grey clouds and tires splattering puddles.

Light is transcendence…

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