Embracing the broad cosmos

We never know with any certainty where we are going. Only conviction carries us forward. And such conviction, if it would do better than we did yesterday, must arise from a courageous assessment of who we are by looking at what we have done, how we are doing, and that which we will to do.

We are all of us on the way to tomorrow… that day may be more than we can ever imagine, filled with harmony and beauty or with cacophony and ugliness.

But deciding for overcoming our selves, deciding for transcending our static apathy, THIS is liberation, THIS is openness: Choosing restoration rather than retribution, finding resolution rather than desolution.

Render up the bitterness of yesterday to death; take up the sweetness of the by-and-by for life.

Love and do what you will!

Embrace the broad cosmos in love and you will find that you are not merely enveloped by the beautiful everyday but the extraordinary grace of the Encompassing Good.

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