The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit – review

“After the artist Georgia O’Keeffe left New York for the mesa of New Mexico, she began signing letters to friends “from the faraway nearby”. The striking oxymoron has given Rebecca Solnit the title for her new, inspired reverie, which wanders through many kinds of elsewheres, near and far, and many different twists and turns of familiar estrangements (family strain, illness, death). Solnit is a maker of maps both imaginary and real,…Dominating Solnit’s rich repertoire are two main thoughts: that imagination, activated through reading and art, can help overcome the feeling of being a stranger in the world, lost among strangers; and second, that characters and places can build another home, and provide alternative stories to the dismal and constrictive plots of our own lives.”


Walking, wandering, wondering… my exercise of choice for body AND mind. 

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