Comics Debate & Discourse: How To Be a Hero By Being An Ally – Comic Book Resources

Comics Debate & Discourse: How To Be a Hero By Being An Ally – Casey Gilly examines recent hot-button comics issues and talks through solutions for keeping the dialogue productive and compassionate.


“When an issue comes up that hits emotional spots, the compulsion is to react — and reactions are charged. This is when angry Tweets are sent, or snarky comments are made or feelings are aired with no regard for who is on the receiving end. Take a moment and check in with yourself: Has this approach been effective for you in the past? Has it ever yielded your desired outcome? Probably not, unless your desired outcome is to get into a screaming contest where everyone walks away hoarse. 

“Responding, on the other hand, is about listening to what someone else is saying before you have your retort planned. It’s allowing your perception to be authentically influenced by new information and different viewpoints. It means that we all take a moment to acknowledge that we are vulnerable people; sometimes we are wrong. This is a good time to ask questions, and be interested in the answer without making assumptions. Hurt feelings hurt, and they aren’t going to feel better by slathering them in accusations.”

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