Everything Begins with Now

All About Being Human (award-free zone)

Oh joy joy joy joy joy!

“Why are you joyful?”  You ask.

“That is an excellent question!”  I respond.

Is it because I’m finally hugging Old Man Winter good bye for the season as he packs his bags?  I’ll welcome him with open arms next winter when I see that much-anticipated first snowfall of the season.  I’ll smile, thinking about the miracle of nature.  For now, though, it’s seeing the ground for the first time in months that’s making me smile.

Or am I joyful because I went for my first jog of the season last night?  It was a chilly 50 degrees Fahrenheit but warm enough for me!  The sting on my thighs as I ran the hills on my street felt delicious.

Maybe I’m happy because I cooked my first meal in over six months yesterday!  I made beef stew cooked in beer, nothing fancy, but it’s a…

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