Irony Incarcerated

Below is a picture of a product made by unpaid Texas prison inmates who work for extra privileges (like time off of their sentence, the ability to buy goodies at the commissary, exercise in the yard, etc.). They get rooming, food, clothing, and rudimentary medical care as well as some private property in general population so long as they work for “privileges.” Standards go down very quickly if they refuse to work.

From the Texas Department of Corrections FAQ page:

How do offenders spend their day?

The day starts with wake-up call at 3:30 a.m. and breakfast is served at 4:30 a.m. Offenders report to their work assignments at 6:00 a.m. Every offender who is physically able has a job in the prison system. Offenders are not paid for their work, but they can earn privileges as a result of good work habits. Offenders also learn job skills that can help them find employment when released from prison.

Most offenders work in prison support jobs, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and maintenance. Offenders may also work in the TDCJ Agribusiness Department or for Texas Correctional Industries in the prison industries program.

What happens if an offender refuses to work?

Offenders who continue to refuse to work lose their privileges and are placed in “special cell restriction.” Special cell restriction means remaining in the cell 24 hours a day, with no trips to the day room, commissary, or recreation yard. Meals are also eaten in the cell, and personal property is taken away while on special cell restriction.

Courtrooms handcrafted by Texas inmates from the finest red oak. Some assembly required.

TCI – Furniture – Chairs & Seating – Courtroom.

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