The nerd’s guide to learning everything online

When I meet youth who have gaps in their education about American or World history, American or World literature, or the basics of science, I recommend them to find John Green’s Crash Course project with this brother,  Hank. Fill in some of those gaps, and have a good time doing it. Indeed, it is not the same kind of lecture you will find in a classroom. Of course, it is not the same wide coverage you would find in a  book. That is the point. These youth have these gaps, they need to start filling them in, and they need to see–most importantly–that learning can can be fun! On top of that, Green as a published popular author shows young people how to present ideas succinctly as well as with a little punch and humor.

Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us … well, we don’t. But we still love to learn, to find out new things about the world and challenge our minds. We just need to find the right place to do it, and the right community to learn with. In this charming talk, author John Green shares the world of learning he found in online video.

via John Green: The nerd’s guide to learning everything online | TED Talk |

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