Lectures on Gramsci

Nice lecture course overview of Antonio Gramsci and his influence on 20th Century art, literature, and culture.

Bob Jessop


This module introduces the work of Antonio Gramsci and its relevance to the arts, humanities and social sciences. It deals with the life and work of Gramsci, outlines the principal influences on his intellectual and political analyses, and some key concepts deployed in his work.

At the end of the course, participants will have gained a basic understanding of the nature and significance of the work of Antonio Gramsci and his place in twentieth-century thought and politics. They will be able to identify and interpret some key influences on Gramsci’s work and its historical context; to define the key concepts in his intellectual and political analyses; and to assess the significance of his work for their chosen field of research.

Session 1: The Life and Work of Gramsci 

This is a general introduction to Gramsci and his life and is intended to set the scene for later sessions.

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