The rise in stock of philosophy graduates | World news | The Guardian

“A degree in philosophy? What are you going to do with that then?”Philosophy students will tell you they’ve been asked this question more times than they care to remember.”The response people seem to want is a cheery shrug and a jokey ‘don’t know’,” says Joe Cunningham, 20, a final-year philosophy undergraduate at Heythrop College, University of London.A more accurate comeback, according to the latest statistics, is “just about anything I want”.

Source: The rise in stock of philosophy graduates | World news | The Guardian


  1. I think I would have enjoyed and benefitted from a philosophy degree, but ultimately I didn’t feel there was enough grounding in it when I was 18 and very ungrounded. I went for a “practical” psychology degree (hahaha) and wound up cutting my losses and finishing with Literature/Lang Arts. But maybe Philosophy actually would have given me all I was looking for: a means of interfacing with the world, a method of understanding people, Great Works, spiritual guidance.

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