Millennials, Struggle, and Bernie 


Corey Robin does an excellent response to a piece by Alexandra Schwartz at the New Yorker concerning the hope millennials find in Bernie Sanders. I want to thank my buddy-friend-guy Chris for talking over these things with me last night. While I am still uneasy with all politics, Sanders is the only person speaking for those who really are struggling in the neoliberal machinery of financial capitalism.

Exit polls from Iowa, according to Vox, show that “Sanders absolutely dominated young adult voters, in a way that even Barack Obama couldn’t in 2008.” Eighty-four percent of voters under 30, and 58% of voters between 30 and 44, cast their ballots for Sanders. More generally, as countless articles have noted, younger voters are shifting left, embracing ancient taboos like socialism and other heresies…

…The poorer they are, says Vox‘s Dylan Matthews, the more likely millennials are to support a government-guaranteed living wage, the redistribution of wealth, and an expanded safety net. It’s not just a function of income, Matthews adds. It’s also a question of race and life experiences. Non-white millennials who’ve been discriminated against—whether for reasons of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation—prefer socialism to capitalism and favor an economically egalitarian society over a competitive, meritocratic society.

Source: 90% of what goes on at The New Yorker can be explained by Vulgar Marxism

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