Line – circle – motion 

My pedagogy: I do not claim to know things that will make you more intelligent, more wealthy, or more satisfied. I do claim to have experiences in reading, working, and traveling that I enjoy passing along in exchange for your own experiences.

What I have discovered about being in the world is that most folks are ignorant–not stupid, but in the literal meaning of IGNORANTIA, most do not know where to start. Of all the things I would claim, knowing where to start is what I am best at sharing with folks. 

You begin with the first sentence, or first penny, or first step. Take a deep breath. And go. 

In learning, you take time to study how that first sentence leads along through all the ones after. 

In earning, you take time to observe that first penny accumulating into the material goods that meet your needs. 

In living, you take time to follow that first step as it turns into all the major decisions of your life. 

And that is where we start: with a line, a circle, and a motion. 

And look it us in this world together flourishing! 

Deep breaths… Go!

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