Tolerating power

Even when you do not like or respect given authority figures, most of us will respond without resistance to such POWER (mana) up to the point this becomes intolerable or those who wield authority become powerless. As human tolerance at being dominated is quite high, it takes a good deal to break out of being over-powered. And as success accumulates to the already successful–barring the lunacies that surround tyranny–the diminution of authority is not as likely to happen as folks at large finally becoming tired of the powerful not sharing more of the power they have accumulated to themselves.

This is something to be kept in mind when engaging youth–or anyone–in philosophizing: Why does humankind so often order itself in a top-down fashion? Where in your situation do you encounter authorities? How much will you tolerate from people with more power than you? When would you offer resistance? Are such questions already a sign of those with the privileged power to ask?

“I don’t trust Estraven, whose motives are forever obscure; I don’t like him; yet I feel and respond to his authority as surely as I do to the warmth of the sun.”

Excerpt From: Ursula K. Le Guin. “The Left Hand of Darkness.” Futura, 1969-01-02T06:00:00+00:00. iBooks.

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