Republicans cannot even be honest about what happened in Orlando

If you are about to defend Republicans in this country on their anti-LGBTQ platform, please refrain from the “Hate the sin, love the sinner” bullshit and the “family values” poppycock.  If you think Republican words and actions do not add fire to the biases  experienced by LGBTQ, you simply refuse to take seriously your own blather about “personal responsibility.” Nobody cares what Republicans officials have to say in “sympathy” about what happened in Orlando. Their own inability to even mention that the community targeted was LGBTQ shows how much they and their mindset continue hatred of people as a policy.

Republicans’ silence is actually quite apt. As a party, after all, the GOP has spent decades attempting to degrade sexual minorities and even drive them out of public life. It is altogether fitting, then, that conservative politicians are erasing LGBTQ people from their own tragedy. The gesture of support, I suppose, is basically benevolent. But let’s be clear about this: The 50 victims of Orlando’s LGBTQ nightclub massacre died as full and equal citizens under the law in spite of the Republican party’s best efforts to relegate them to second-class citizenship.

Source: Republican are erasing LGBTQ people from their own tragedy.


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