Serial art biography immortalizes social justice lawyer Leonard Weinglass

Leonard Weinglass stands in the grand tradition of the legendary 20th century lawyers who themselves joined social justice movements and helped the popular forces to move history forward — including Clarence Darrow, Constance Baker Motley, Thurgood Marshall, Bill Kunstler, Florynce Kennedy, Arthur Kinoy, Lew Steele, Jeff Haas, Michael Ratner, Jan Susler, George Crockett, Conrad Lynn, Nancy Hollander, Dennis Cunningham, Lynn Stewart, Lani Guinier, Leonard Boudin, Flint Taylor, Ernest Goodman, Charles Garry, Joey Mogul, Michael J. Kennedy, Walter Riley and Jeff Adache — and he’s earned the exalted rank of “People’s Lawyer.”

It’s perfectly fitting, then, that Seth Tobocman, an activist “People’s Artist” with decades of effort wielding pencil and pen in the service of social justice, has linked arms with Paul Buhle and Michael Steven Smith to bring Lenny vividly to life in a graphic biography — a comic book — that is part intimate portrait and part social history of the last five decades.

Source: A Lawyer Who Turned the Tables: Graphic Biography Immortalizes Leonard Weinglass

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