More clickbait about Clinton

Not really sure how the Trumpistas can keep yelling that the media is bending over backwards to elect Clinton at all costs when every paper and news channel, even “friendly” and “supportive” ones like the WaPo keep creating these clickbait titled reports. Republicans only read the clickbait and never parse through the report. And the reports are written in such a way as to stretch out what is basically a non-story. Here, one bureaucrat in the government (at State) debates with another bureaucrat in the government (at FBI) about whether an email–containing mostly lower level reactions to a WaPo story by folks at State on Libya arresting Bhengazi suspects–should be classified.

Quoting from one of the comments on this article linked here…

Actually you can see part of what’s in the email along with the names of the originator, the addressees, the forwarders. The email was originated by an ambassador and was sent to a high level state employee who then forwarded it on to another high level state employee who forwarded it to Clinton as an FYI. The email started with something like – the Post published a story saying the Libyans have arrested suspected participants in the Benghazi attacks. The rest is then redacted. The email sat in State’s files for 2+ years unclassified. Classification was not made until the email came up for publication resulting from a FOIA request.  As for the accusation of collusion, I think this story pretty much shows that it didn’t happen. It’s a shame that the media hyped a misleading story. A little more investigation would have shown that the headline of collusion between the FBI, State, and Clinton was incorrect.

Source: ‘I need a favor’: FBI official at center of alleged Clinton email ‘quid pro quo’ speaks out – The Washington Post

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