Richest administration in modern American history

Billionaires and millionaires meeting with president elect inside the Trump Tower: “What kind of government have you made for us?” Donald the Trumpeter to elite followers: “An unabashedly open plutocracy if you can ravage it!”

How can anyone still believe that the in-coming administration is doing things radically differently? The only great difference seems to be that the folks who have spent  a lot of money to get access to politicians for the laws and policies that will make them richer, now do not need to spend money to have that access. And most of them are from the most privileged backgrounds imaginable. Amazingly, I have heard very few Trumpeters tooting their mighty horns of warning against the elite being given the reigns because they are not the elite political technocrats and academic educrats taking over. Just the elite plutocrats and aristocrats resting the executive branch into their hands so they can make America great again by making it even more insanely profitable for the top 2%. But, alas, still no sound of the Trumpeters. I guess they are watching the border of Mexico to make sure they don’t miss the groundbreaking on that wall…

Many of the Trump appointees were born wealthy, attended elite schools and went on to amass even larger fortunes as adults. As a group, they have much more experience funding political candidates than they do running government agencies.

Their collective wealth in many ways defies Trump’s populist campaign promises. Their business ties, particularly to Wall Street, have drawn rebukes from Democrats. But the group also amplifies Trump’s own campaign pitch: that Washington outsiders who know how to navigate and exploit a “rigged” system are best able to fix that system for the working class.

Source: Donald Trump is assembling the richest administration in modern American history – The Washington Post

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