Santos and the Millienial Cultural Capitalist

We are seeing the culmination of Neoliberalism’s Society of Control as more people turn to accumulating cultural capital as a means of increasing power which includes wealth rather than gaining wealth that generates power

Be it in politics or start-ups, all of these figures played to the incentives of a media and tech landscape that rewards individuals who can sell a niche-story, regardless of its veracity. Such tall tales get clicks, funding, donations and attention from people who want an outsider to do the impossible.

In Silicon Valley, it is a story of young people who “do well by doing good” and could growth hack their way to market dominance. In Republican politics, that story may be one of a gay, Brazilian immigrant businessman with “Jew-ish” roots and a questionable animal charity, who also backs Trump’s “Stop the Steal” election denialism.

Source: Opinion | The Real Reason Santos Won’t Resign – POLITICO

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