Aphorism 18Feb2023

No matter how much our loved ones surround, uplift, and support us–we can always have doubts about their estimations of us or guilt that we have failed in their eyes.

So many times as they encourage us on our path, our discouraging inner voice may drown out their loving words.

When we have become distanced from them even as we stand beside them, it often is the voice of an acquaintance rarely seen or even a complete stranger that penetrates the noise of our self-defeat. They remind us of our worth even as they see us struggling. Their word offers stable ground on which to stand and re-orient.

Remember: Our lives each are their own Truth. And while these Truths are not as easily communicable as our self-loathing, while these Truths do not fully open onto each other, so much travels between in a glance that sees us in our Truth, a whisper that catches us up with our Truth, a caress that surrounds us through our Truth.

Whenever we feel at our very lowest–when we are at the moment of drifting further away from those who love us profoundly, or where we are in the place of not even recognizing what we once cherished so dearly–this unexpected voice pierces the darkness.

We come back to loving struggle.

We silence self-doubt.

We rediscover all of the care surrounding us that has filled our lives with faith to be who we are.

Listen now! Do you not hear the voice of the Stranger?

“AH! There you are in all of your truth… I bear witness to this beauty and thank you for being-here. How wonderful you are! How very worthy of love! Take my hand if you need something to hold onto… Let’s get back to living.”

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