No More Social Media

That is my intent and I hope to manifest a clean break.

I will keep posting on here as blogging goes all the way back to when we still used Bulletin Board Systems to share our thinkering. And while I find that there are so many good folks, so much beautiful images on all the social media, it simply does not adequately meet my need for light and joy–though it gives me way more darkness and frustration.

If you are a great friend, good colleague, or even kind acquaintance, please consider following CALL ME MAGGIE. I am rebooting my podcast to share my poetry and philosophy as well as spending the time I had given to social media to curating this space here. I hope you will follow me and share your thinking as well as your inspirations. I will be deleting the Patreon account at the beginning of May after I have had a chance to make sure everything is ported over to this blog.

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