Queering and Wyrding

Rather than maintain existential elucidation (Jaspers 1970b) as queering Existenz, consider the disclosure of possible Existenz always already as Wyrding. ‘Q’ then, will never be a coherent letter tacked as

Silent road, cloudless mind

Saturday, I went to visit my mother at the nursing home in Abilene, TX. Almost 91, she has become much less active, sometimes sleeping most of the day. I brought

Wonder of dawn

The shared reason of the day says, “See, the sun comes up in the east as the earth stands still.” Or maybe, “See, the earth turns on its axis as

On Bullshit Jobs – RSA

According to a 2015 YouGov poll, 37% of the UK population believe their job makes no meaningful contribution to the world. And despite the time-saving advances promised by technology, we’re