Whatever, Etc # 2


  1. Sound was little longer and interesting topic . . however, I would recommend keeping it to about 5 minutes as the longer the video, the quicker people loose interest in it. I have always heard that 5 minutes is the sweet spot for getting the message across without being to long. . .

  2. nice. it is a beautiful idea. I think it is also elitist. yeah.. that’s a complement! 🙂 I would propose that if everyone held your ideal position – that of anarchocynicism – it would be unlikely that forms of order or especially hierarchy of authority would emerge, grow, etc. In other words, if everyone was as wise as Socrates then nothing would be accomplished – we would all know that we don’t know and nothing would ever be written down. Or perhaps what would happen would be utopia and that might not be as interesting as what we’ve got. Still, I will strive for what you describe – anarchocynicism. You might think this a paradox. And I will humbly admit that I believe I suffer from poor vision only able to see shadows on a cave wall…

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