Eyes of Spirit: Works by Adam Scott Miller

My own life’s work as an artist is an expression of energy, creating my response to what I feel is needed for harmony between my consciousness and the cosmos. Visionary art is this pursuit of harmony, in courageous creativity for the sake of oneself and all, in mutual enrichment- imaging the permaculture of the world spirit, the path for a permanently aligned culture where all beings may be happy- eyes and heart ablaze. This isn’t for a static equilibrium, but dynamically to a higher balance, where new conscious patterns will unfold for us to perceive and live into being. The evolutionary shift of the human species and biosphere is into an aeon of living in networked awareness. This emergence of the collective egalitarian mind requires the wild uniqueness of each part, the precious distinctiveness of its perspective and functioning. A healthy whole needs not only harmony, but also diversity and a free flow of information.

Eyes of Spirit | Integral Life.

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