a millenial response to being accused of “irony”

I posted Christy Wampole’s piece on Millenials and the great issue she takes with them: they are too ironic. I argued that I thought she was missing something, but I did not go too deeply into why. This wonderful response by a Millenial goes far beyond anything I would have said. Kudos to fussywriting over at Tumblr


I’m going to do something that Christy Wampole fears is impossible for my generation: I’m gonna make a point here. Like that looming iconic Jaded Hipster, the ‘Shake n Pour’ of half-baked modern cultural archetypes, I am simply “so over” the irony meme. I am “so over” hearing about my generation’s detachment, our apathy, our Williamsburg mustaches and fixed bikes and trucker hats, our terrifying amalgamation of indecipherable affects and fair trade fashion statements. I’m “over” Ms. Wampole and every other navel-gazing ragamuffin reassuring themselves that, no, we’re not unaware, out of the loop, not in on the joke, yes, it’s you who thinks they’re so cool, we’re the ones who get it, we’re far more clever than these hipster kids and their irony. We have our introspection, our web-exclusive editorials, our thought catalogs, our endless rehashing of the same points an already-late-to-the-party Adbusters article made four years ago.

via fussywriting: I’m going to do something….

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