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Kelli_BarrCSIDMy good sister & colleague Kelli Barr responded to the ARTSblog piece to which I posted a link the other day. Besides a response here at Reason & Existenz, she also wrote a longer reaction at ARTSblog.

She goes into very intriguing detail. Very much worth the read as a follow up:

I’m intrigued by your mention of Florida as one of these places where corporate interests are providing the ideological framework in which public education is being ‘economized’. Governor Scott’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on State Higher Education Reform recently issued a number of recommendations for the governor to consider in the course of instituting state education reform policies, one of which is charging differential tuition depending upon whether or not a major has high market demand – that is, how large the pool of jobs is for persons in that particular degree field. Inside Higher Education has a story about it, available here:

It’s an interesting read, and I mention it in response to your post because I think there is a need to question the assumption that “There is no arguing that inadequate science and mathematics education threatens the economic competitiveness of the United States.” Part of the reason I say that is because this is the same kind of assumption being made by people who argue, for example, that different majors should be priced differently based on whether or not they have any predetermined value to the economy, where that value is measured in terms of the number of jobs currently available for that field.

Continue reading the full response @ ARTSblog » Blog Archive » STEM Promotes Science Instruction at the Expense of Humanities.

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