Recalling This Beautiful Order

Source: via Keith Wayne on Pinterest

In attempting to philosophize as a way of life, I have often “translated” many terms/concepts into a single notion that would comprehend the nuances of diverse sages across time & cultures. Whether I succeed is another story entirely.

A particularly important phrase for me is “This Beautiful Order.” The term should capture what is meant by Greeks when they say Kosmos, or the Romans in talking about Natura, or the Germans when speaking of Lebenswelt or Umwelt. The relation of Tiandi in Daoist as well as Brahman in Upanishadic cosmologies should also be captured.

Watching this short series on Emerson, I was reminded of how important it is to get across the meaning of such terms as Nature since words are always already evolving to be either too narrow or too broad.

Thus, This Beautiful Order=experiencing the happening of reality as an unfolding of ALL in this singular moment as the most beauteous & well ordered dwelling.

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