Controlled Accident

At the heart of perennial philosophizing is an always developing mastery that we can, following Alan Watts, call “controlled accident.”

Others have done far better than I could in really detailing what is meant by this oxymoronic usage. But if I might give it short attempt:

Let-go of this desire for success
or that debt to follow tradition:
allow things to happen & therefrom
find the brilliant meaning that shines forth.

Photo of a dahlia at the Royal Botanical Garde...

This intends the development of your ability to let-go but also your power to grasp.

In attending to the happening, you are with-it. By adjusting with the happening, you are yourself remade. From acknowledgment of the happening, other of your skills are called back into play. Upon awakening in the happening, such opportunity flows as this current moment.

When energy is not directed by the delusion of your sole purpose, but you let-go, the energy of the Encompassing composes this now/here, brings forth this Beautiful Order in a word, a work, a deed, a smile.

The dynamics of philosophizing as a way of life arise from such mastery.

For those who would like a little more exposition, there is a video below from Alan Watts which goes into greater detail. It is 104 minutes and can be broken up into digestible bits for your meditations.


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