Thinking without Personal Recognition

Alterations without "me"
Alterations without “me”, yet something still remains…

What a narrative: 50 I’s, my’s, myself’s, me’s, and Keith Wayne Brown’s are identifiable.

Is that so?

In–but not of–something; philosophizing as a way of life.

Not thinking for professional recognition; recognizing that “same” self very much as thinking nonetheless.

Leisurely uncovering those usual tales of identity heroism and self-ownership.

Anarchocynical first-aid on the way to radical surgery: simplify – simplify – simplify.

Wandering, wondering…

Thinking, thinging, thanking… gratefulness to the Encompassing Good from this Mindful Emptiness.

Flourishing by flushing out I’s, my’s, myself’s, me’s, and that disappearing name.


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