The Tenth Dimension

So, there is a lot of mind blowing thinking out in the realm of contemporary physics. Those of us who know the history of philosophy are not afraid to call a good deal of this metaphysics. Certainly, it is the kind of contemplation that can only be approached–even using the highest mathematics–like Plato seeking the Form of Forms or the Upanishads seeking Brahma. That is, by informed imagination seeking the elucidation of intuitive knowledge. At present–and I would bet for a very, very long time to come–there will be no QEDs and unshakeable proofs coming out of this line of thinking. Personally, I adore that.

And let me say, that among the natural philosophies put forward by the most engaging physicists, what Bryanton is calling the Tenth Dimension is basically what I mean when I say the Encompassing.   

I like how these concepts are dealt with by Rob Bryanton. I am offering this for consideration. I have no horse in the race just as I have–despite superficialities to the contrary–have no one religion or philosophy to which I align. That means, if you are a scientist and believe this is wrong, please be so kind as to post a thoughtful response or suggestion.

Even if everything Bryanton says is completely in error, the process of improvising possibilities is quite useful in the loving struggle toward letting-go of unnecessary dogmas to plunge freely into the Encompassing current.


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