Some really good advice here my Millennial brothers & sisters throughout the Ether. Definitely falls into the category of letting go the notions of “improving” your situation and plunging into the current of “improvising” your life.


If your eyes jumped to the title of this post, then this is probably for you. 

The natural trajectory of most jobs for college grads (well, really all, in a sense) is that you will leave them! If you have a degree, it’s time to make a step into the direction of doing something you love, and not staying in something that you just tolerate in order to pay the minimum requirements on your credit card to Nordstrom’s and/or student loans.

If any one of these signs applies to you, then it just might be time to reconsider your job. Here are 5 big ways you know it might be time to look for another job, stat.

1. You Dread Coming In 

Are Sunday afternoons the most stressful and anxiety-filled times of the week for you? Do you look forward to Friday afternoons more than the Ninja Turtles look forward…

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