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If you have a spare 25 minutes, I continue forward with thinking about the Loving Struggle.

The text that I quote at length in this talk:

I cannot accomplish this communicative struggle by the rational force of argument, but neither can I accomplish it without the most lucid rationality. I cannot realize it simply in utter devotion, in the most self-sacrificing love; but not without such love either. I cannot achIeve It by aiming at definitive solutions, but neither can I achieve it without definite current tasks. As a temporal phenomenon, it is always unfinished. Here, indeed, lies a chance for the greatest assurance in the sense of absolute consciousness, but no chance at all for the certainty of having. It is this profound love of Existenz for Existenz which in temporal existence unveils the boundary situation as an eye-to-eye question in common peril when the enduring jeopardy transforms everything-all occupied positions into steps and premises, all crystallizations into relativities, every possession into evanescence.

Karl JaspersPhilosophie Vol 2, p. 214.



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