Meet your new professor: Transient, poorly paid

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By Barbara Raab, Senior Producer, NBC News This is the time of year many high school seniors are getting their long-awaited, highly anticipated college acceptance letters.

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  1. I am sad to say that many intelligent people choose to teach college; resulting in the ‘Codification’ of the Human Spirit. Yes on occassion the luminious gems are available for ingestion and illumination. Unfortunatley due to ‘Institutional Collectivity’ non conformity and reductionism wins the day.

    Keith I see you as a man on the quest. I am fascinated by the relationship you have experienced with your mentor via the Humanism of the magnificent Karl Jaspers. Keith your strong point is the ‘Imagination.’ To quote John Keats; “The Vale of Soulmaking”,Soul as distinguished from an intelligence__

    1. Thanks Joseph. I meet a lot of beautiful people who set out to teach in college. Slowly they get worn down. Unfortunately, the structure has become a kind of social necessity and in so doing, higher education has been disciplinized into a mechanism of control. I do think you can accident into relationships with good folks, and I hope that I have been able to be a creative accident for a few youth encountered in my day to day job around a college. Have you read a great deal of Jaspers’ work?

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