What is the Easiest Practice?

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How To Practice Zen

What could be easier than just letting go? If we had nothing to hold on to, nothing to reach for, nothing to drop, what would that be like?

What about dropping opinions about politics? Sports? Religion? 

A Zen master once famously shouted as he saw a monk dozing in a zendo:  ZAZEN MEANS DROPPING OFF BOTH BODY AND MIND!

The monk was clinging to a perception of a self, a tired self. He had not dropped the concept of himself as a self sitting in a zendo.

Dropping the concept of a self is indeed a major drop for most of us. We can only get to that subtle, advanced state by first dropping off the low hanging fruit of political opinions, religious convictions, and our own personal story of ourselves, who we are, why we do the things we do.

We have a tape running endlessly in our head as to who we are…

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