Flowing / Swaying

Knowledge is holding power: directing actuality or enabling skill. Thus, knowing thinks as a kind of doing, taking-up, having-in-hand, putting-to-work.

Knowledge embraces interference (striking-between) not only establishing but proliferating differences, setting apart and breaking down until the world is an infinity of divisions.

For this reason, learning as the apprehension of knowledge becomes an unending march through the world, progress as violent consumption of all things.

Representation: The disconnection of this-OR-that.

Wisdom is beholding power: elucidating possibility or recognizing potential. Hence, wisdom thinks as a kind of not-doing, letting-go, empty-handedness, allowing-to-be.

Wisdom refuses interference, it opens up to the whole as holiest when taken as-is and healthiest when unimpeded.

Realizing this, contemplation as the comprehension of wisdom flows with and sways as the Great Way (DAO).

Representation: The connection of this-AND-that.

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