NOTE: This piece was originally a reblog. It can no longer be found at TONGUE SANDWICH. Turns out, TS is a horrible little plagiarist. You can see an interchange between that vile man and myself below. And what an ironic exchange it is given the circumstances.

On being exposed, Tongue Sandwich took down his site.

I can now say that the exert which was originally here came from

The Lehrer and his Lehre in
Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

By Jimmy Maher

IRelated articles


  1. Re-blogging my article does not entitle you to changing the title, which happens to be part of my intellectual property and copyrighted material. Please desist from such inappropriate practice. Thank you.

    1. I did not change the title of your piece which was still correctly marked and attributed after the selection. I had no intention of taking credit for as should be apparent from the statement, Read the full piece at Beyond Man and Time | TONGUE SANDWICH. I apologize. I have corrected the title and attempted to ensure that readers know that the quoted material leads to a piece I recommend.

    2. Imagine,TS wrote it all this ‘preaching’ at the hight of his own super-plagiarism excess.
      What a despicable personage he is!

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