Entelechy – Cosmos – Event

Seek thou after the entelecy of things if the opening of the Way is thy quest.

Look not to the particular example or the general explanation of anything. To take up experience as wisdom means to be a student of the whole being which attracts thee.

Bond thou with a dog? Respect this animal. Put thyself over to how the situation of being-dog communicates dynamic energy.

Art thou enamored of the bear or the butterfly? Where then that entelecheia of bearness? Where for that always-at-work-staying-this which is butterflying?

As thou shall one day teach an apprentice through thy always-already-keeping-to-being-human, yea even shall thee learn from that Great Grizzly or Swooping Swallow-Tail.

Thou art apprentice of the Encompassing.

Know thou the topography of the Cosmos
for surely passage along the Great Way
requires awareness–less thy foot turn astray.

The Up-Above
The At-Level
The Down-Below



Where’er the Ranger doth explore,
yea this is the Center.

Lived time is not measured in moments but in events.

The Encompassing is the Great Event of which all these other events are empty thresholds inviting we rangers along the Way, beckoning us to pass through to Center.


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