Even Superheroes Have Humble Beginnings

This are is helping people remember how even our superheroes can come from the humblest beginnings and most tragic origins…

Every story has a beginning. Our past shapes who we are and influences who we become. It’s true whether you’re a regular human or a superhero. Artist Khoa Ho took a look at the origins of heroes such as Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and more. When you look into their past, you see an orphan, a genius, and an alien. They evolved into something bigger, and this beautiful minimalist style art shows the transition perfectly.


Posted by KWB wandering among the borderlands of the Ether.


  1. Michael Meade talks/writes about this a lot suggesting that the wound is necessary to find one’s strengths. I love the orphan image!

    1. Just really catches it all up in one cipher.

      I agree with Meade here. Very much necessary in the Society of Discipline that the hero have a wound which, in a sense, wakes him/her up to the alienation that would keep many of us from searching for our ownmost self or Existenz.

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