Whatever You Do, You MUST Mask the Suffering of the White Poor

Poverty has become a suburban phenomenon. That should not be a great surprise if you have been paying attention over the last forty years. But there is the rub: most are not paying attention.

Even as professionals become poorer and poorer, not knowing where to turn even when they have degrees in the “right” fields from the “best” schools, tradesfolk and service workers find the world even more unkind. YET… those who are white and poor still ally themselves with Powers-that-Be.

“Things will get better if I let the successful folks drive the economy. I’ll get what trickles down–and They look out for Our interests. Somebody has to stop the black and the brown, the urban and the foreign, from taking our jobs!”

This is not something I have heard from rednecks. This is something I have heard A LOT from folks who are suburban office workers with college educations.

Solidarity requires that we recognize the real issue at the heart of our society. Rather than being separated by the traditions of racism–even as they still haunt us–we should be united by the reality of poverty.

Poverty keeps a disproportionate group of black and brown Americans beyond a flourishing life. Poverty also keeps a growing mass of white people compliant with the system.

Poverty and its specter are the commonality that make the overwhelming majority of us utterly insecure.

The majority of white people need face facts: allegiance to the Powers-that-Be does not serve your interests anymore than it serves the interests of black or brown Americans.

Stereotypes serve as cognitive short-cuts which the viewer, and we as a society, use to categorize and evaluate the relative worth of whole groups of people. The way that images of white, “poor”, female, “overweight”, “unattractive”, bodies are processed by the viewer is a reflection of how we as a society think about race, class, and gender. These concepts exist individually while also having meaning in relation to one another.

Moreover, in America, because of the Calvinist-Horatio Alger-Myth of Individualism and Upward Mobility, claims on poverty necessarily involve moral judgments.

The black single mother is a “welfare queen” who is “lazy” and has “bad morals”. The poor white person is a “redneck” or a “hillbilly” with all of the stereotypes and assumptions implicit in such language.

via Daily Kos: The New White Poor are Not Honey Boo Boo, They Sleep in Their Cars and Shop at Trader Joe’s.


  1. Well…… The fact is that the black and brown as you say have loads of kids. I feel sorry to say this but even in Europe the more self aware and conscious people are less kids they have and usually they are the whites who are disappearing because they cannot afford kids, however look at statistics and see who is having them the most…. Okay now regarding white and poor. As a white European I have no chance to get a job almost anywhere. I was born in Czechoslovakia and thus I might be even in the same category as black regarding racism. To be honest Ive seen many black people having better lives than whites. I know many black people who could find jobs in UK or elsewhere and in fact very posh jobs while having a poor CV and they got a job while I couldn’t because it is worst to be considered an Eastern European than black I suppose. The same goes for people migrating from Middle East an so on. Switzerland is overloaded by people from Middle East or Africa yet Eastern Europeans who definitely have more experience know better language and look like Westerners are banned to work there. Honestly all that black and white issue….. I don’t believe it anymore. I don’t feel sorry for black communities. If you think someone is going to hire you while you are talking like a gangster and you hate to learn and improve well it is your problem and your Karma. I feel sorry though for people that have to escape from their own countries because of the war and violence, but tell me isn’t it black people who are killing themselves there? Isn’t it Mexicans who are killing themselves in Mexico and US? Isn’t it people in India who are raping themselves? Or Is it a white guy doing it to them? Is he ??? NO its their own people raping, killing and disrespecting each other. Just see how these communities treat their women and it is not a fault of a white guy. I am not saying whites are saints. And of course they can be horrible. But every race on this planet has a certain Karma for which it is responsible. In London it was always the white guy who was the homeless never did I see a black guy. My black friends had always so much money and were taking a piss out of me… Well thats how the thing is. Don’t blame only whites from racism. Black people are racists too. And in fact all the world is racist. But this even wouldn’t be a problem. The real problem is greed and violence and lack of morals of every race. The most abused creatures on this planet or animals and then women no matter what race.

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