Acrylic Storm – Michelle Manly

Texas-based artist Michelle Manley explores the intensity of nature through dramatic acrylic paintings. In her Storm series, she uses earthy color palettes to create landscapes filled with dark clouds swirling together into distant and powerful storms. As the severe weather overtakes the atmosphere, the clouds seem to take on a life of their own. Upon quick glance, viewers might notice that the lines and shapes subtly take on the form of surreal creatures overpowering the sky.

Manley says, “Images of environmental change can at times provoke a range of conflicting emotions from anxiety and denial to aesthetic admiration.” Seeing this kind of heavy storm approaching would cause an average person to run for cover. However, as the landscape becomes totally consumed by the power of nature, it’s also tempting to take a moment to ponder the wonders of the weather and to remember how small we really are in this world.

via Intense Acrylic Storm Paintings Portray the Power of Nature – My Modern Metropolis.


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