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As a humble anarchocynic, I am a bit ashamed that I have not posted anything on the history of ancient Cyncisim in a while. Please recognize-please RE-COG-NIZE–that the contemporary usage of the term “cynic” is a slap in the face to the profound wisdom these folks taught 2400 years ago. Here, just listen to this…

A discussion on the philosophy of cynicism. I am very fond of its most famous proponent, Diogenes, who lived in a bathtub, and was so admired by Alexander the Great that he went up to Diogenes (who was sunbathing) and said he admired his virtue so and would grant any request he names. Diogenes replied, “stand out of my light”. Alexander granted the request. (there’s an entire wikipedia article titled ‘Diogenes and Alexander‘)

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