Chemex® Coffeemakers and Filters

Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D., creator of the Chemex®
Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D., creator of the Chemex®

Been perfecting the craft of the slow pour using this device, under the watchful tutelage of my dear friend, Angelo. Really enjoying both the zen of slow pouring as well as the result. If you have never had coffee using a Chemex® and you live in Denton, stop by Shift Coffee and let me make you one. If you live somewhere else, checkout Yelp and find a slow pour coffee house near you.

The Chemex® coffeemaker was invented by Peter J. Schlumbohm, Ph.D., in 1941. Schlumbohm was born in Kiel, Germany in 1896. He received his doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Berlin. After several trips to the United States, he settled in New York City in 1936. Over the years, he invented over 3,000 items for which he was granted patents. However, his coffeemaker and carafe kettles were his most long enduring inventions.

Being a doctor of Chemistry, he was very familiar with laboratory apparatus and the methods of filtration and extraction. He applied this knowledge when designing his coffeemaker. He examined his laboratory glass funnel and his Erlenmeyer flask and made modifications to each. He modified the laboratory funnel by adding an “air channel” and a pouring spout. He added the air channel so the air displaced by the liquid dripping into the vessel could easily escape past the laboratory filter paper, which was to be used in the funnel as the filter media.

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