Deconstructing the Monogenre

Props to Joseph C. and the Buddy-Friend-Guy, Chris, for pointing this very good article out.

The singularity is approaching. Not just the dystopian rule of sentient robot overlords as prophesied by every sci-fi movie ever, but sure, that too. (Have you seen what Google wants us to put on our faces? Resistance is futile.) I’m talking about the musical singularity, pop music’s convergence into a single unified style I like to call the monogenre. Coldplay collaborates with Rihanna, and the resulting highly compressed mega-chorus so effectively blurs the line between softhewn alt-rock and pop-R&B that it’s not immediately clear which artist’s wheelhouse the song inhabits. Avicii scores his biggest hit by managing to mash up Mumford-style folk music with digitized dance-club thump. Look at how far apart the young Nashville musical acts Paramore and Taylor Swift started, then look at how close they are now…

via Deconstructing: HAIM, Lorde, And The Monogenre – Stereogum.


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