1. Are you also a poet?

    I am currently finishing writing a novel in English which, I believe, might really interest you.

    The story is about a parallel world called Magonland, an oppressive regime, a drug devouring human beings, frightening conspiracies and errie, mysterious creatures appearing to human in the form of UFOs and aliens, seemingly violating the laws of physics at will. It is a world where all religions have been wiped out many centuries ago, but also where quite a few people are still longing for Kralmour, the God of all gods.

    It’s also about the human quest for meaning, purpose, significance and justice in the midst of terrifying atrocities.

    Does that sound interesting to your ears?

    Otherwise, could we perhaps skype together one day?

    My user name is “Lothars Sohn” whereas my email is lotharlorraine@gmail.de

    Lovely greetings, Marc.

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