“Blessed and holy, I would say, is he to whom it has been given to experience such a thing in this mortal life at rare intervals or even once; and this suddenly and scarcely for the space of a single moment. In a certain manner to lose yourself as though you were not, and to be utterly unconscious of yourself and to be emptied and, as it were, brought to nothing, this pertains to heavenly intercourse”

St. Bernard, On the Love of God,
Trans. Terrence L. Connolly, S.J., Mission Press, 1943, p. 37.

“Ecstasy of the Lillies” by Octavio Ocampo


  1. Reblogged this on ONE GARDEN and commented:
    So our experience or encounter with the Whole/Mystery/Ultimate Reality or God need not be the cataclysmic as experienced by Eckhart Tolle and might instead be microseconds of Eternity – in which we have lain down the burden of self – thank God!

    1. Yes! For some it is totally awe striking. But for most it is that moment of standing-out (ek-stasis) from the mundane in an “aha” or “yes!” moment.

      Thanks for rebloggingreblogging.


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