Welcome to the Edu-Factory Collective

We are amidst a great thaw, where the taboo topic of academic exploitation, once privatized and blamed on “failed” individual scholars, is being rendered unavoidable and recognized as a systemic and pervasive problem. More accurately, the university’s most vulnerable academic workers are fighting back against the “externalization” of the crisis of higher education onto their shoulders: the downloading of a systemic and structural crisis onto the lonely, precarious individual...

…Now, more than ever, the insights of the Edu-Factory Collective and their network of interlocutors are crucial. Founded in the mid-2000s in Europe, the Collective now counts scholars and activists from around the world among its members. Based around a listserv, a series of conferences, a book and an occasional journal, Edu-Factory has sought to explore how the transformations of the university are part and parcel of a broader, more systematic transformation of the global economic paradigm towards an age of “cognitive capitalism.”

Edu-Factory’s central theoretical conceit, “as once was the factory, so now is the university,” illuminates three overlapping ideas…

via The Ivory Cage and the Ghosts of Academe: Labor and Struggle in the Edu-Factory.

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