Freed from Gubment, Slaves to Gawd

Libertarianism is a form of anarchism. As an anarchocynic, I am fine with certain forms of American libertarianism. I’ve had very productive dialogs with more than a few very thoughtful folk who have deep libertarian convictions. Unfortunately, that is a minority experience. I can always tell how quickly the conversation will go south if I mention anarchism and the “libertarians” face goes rigid.

The majority of Americans equate the notion of anarchy with chaos; not many who throw around the term libertarian want to have anarchism associated with them. Understandable. But I am beginning to wonder for a select few if they blanch at the equation precisely because they actually wave the “Don’t Tread on Me” banner  to instill chaos.

This is becoming more and more the case with much Tea Party libertarianism. Running the gambit of libertarian possibilities depending on locale and socioeconomic class, it usually leaves me cold. Why? Because far too many Tea Partiers equate libertarianism with being freed from the government of men to embrace the laws of God. A notion that should mean the reduction of all socio-political questions to “Is this truly liberating?” becomes a kind of religious slavishness.

Slavish-Libertarians want to make government dysfunctional in order to take back power for the “people” (read: Fundamental Christian and/or Anglo-Saxon and/or Natural Born Citizen) immediately to surrender said power  “back”  to their Almighty Father Dictator.

Thus, the obsessive surrender to Sharia by Islamic factions such as the Taliban both angers and frightens American Christo-Fascists who are also slaves to their God and His ancient blood cult.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not calling them the American Taliban. I am calling them Christo-Fascists.

When one considers the evolution of concepts such as mercy and hospitality from the best aspects of the Abrahamic religions, it is really a step backward to encounter these people in the 21st Century.

Case in point: Tea Partier Scott Esk up in Oklahoma.

Given how savagely anti-gay the mainstream Oklahoma Republican party is, it’s no surprise that the state’s Tea Partiers are so rabidly hateful that they come across more as dark satire than as serious bigots. To wit: This week, an Oklahoma magazine discovered that last summer, Tea Party state House candidate Scott Esk endorsed stoning gay people to death: “I think we would be totally in the right to do it,” he said in a Facebook post.

via Oklahoma Tea Party candidate Scott Esk supports stoning gay people to death..

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